Free Spirit Motorcycles is a small professional brand from Slovakia, building bikes for free, urban people who create the new culture of modern cities based on using modern technologies, but loving the great things of the past. The connection between modern lifestyle and retro design is what our bikes offer to the rider. They are not for display. They are for real riding.



Primus is the first built of the Free Spirit Motorcycles brand. It has been built around Yamaha SR 250 donor bike by a single pro builder. The self-designed and self-crafted aluminium and stainless steel parts, the leather seat, the grips and other small details support its clean design. Explore the process of the development and production of the custom-made parts.


My bike customisation goes back to 80s, when I rode motocross. At that time, I made my first fibreglass custom tank and sewed my first seat on a vintage sewing machine of my grandma. 30 years later, I decided to get back to customisation. I have built a new workshop from scratch and started to work on my first professional custom project. For now, it is just a side-job, since I am still working as a brand director in an advertising agency.


Slavo Danko, Free Spirit Motorcycles,
Krivá 21, 900 51 Zohor, SLOVAKIA, Europe
email: slavo@freespiritmotorcycles.com
tel.: +421 910 810 235